Friday, November 21, 2008

281 RAS Superindent Selection - Thoughts ?

What strengths & qualities do you want in our next Superintendent?

How should their contract be changed? (current contract)

How should the district improve communications to the public?

Speed's Superintendent string

Speed's Public Relations string


Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Hi, Give. I sent a whole bunch of my thoughts re: new superintendent hire directly to the school board members and received a thoughtful reply. I suggest that anyone with specific ideas, concerns, suggestions do the same.

John said...

Hi Jennifer,
When I have communicated over the past few years with the Board members, it has been like sending comments/ideas into a black hole... Often I receive a polite reply, and yet I get no sense for what they are doing with my thoughts or ideas.

I don't think they have bad intent, I just don't think they have a common collection point, or process for storing, combining, prioritizing and sharing them with the community. Without a system to do this, I am concerned that they will often "hear" the comments they agree with and "discount" the ones that they don't. Just the nature of humans.

I am hoping the board will make public more of the "raw" comments that have been received during the last couple of years. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the new goals document looks more like a wish list than a plan. I hope they start to improve on the plan and the comment sharing.

Maybe they should set a blog for community members to comment at, where the rest of us can try to keep up. Til then some citizen's sharing ideas and having dialogue seems like a good starting point.

So I agree with sending comments directly to the board members, however, we would love to hear what you sent to the Board.