Sunday, November 2, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : 281 CARE at it again

Well, I still don't get it. 281 CARE again publishes a 2/3 truth and allows no one to correct it with comments.

Why is 281 CARE misleading folks by only showing 2 of the 3 graphs ?

On the upside, they did link to the source . (Coal'n of Mn Busn) The 2 shown graphs depict declining enrollment and increasing state revenue. (ie faster than infaltion?) The third unshown graph shows that property tax revenues have been flat.

The assertion is "It’s not a revenue problem, it’s a SPENDING problem!" Here are the 2 questions I have for Ron:
- What cost of living adjustment index was used, and is it applicable to schools? (Indexes)
- Why did he not post the third graph?

On a side note:
281 CARE sent in a cryptic finance report again. It says they spent $806.89 and had revenues of only $375. The only listed donor is Ron as usual. So the usual question remains: Who is funding 281 CARE and Exposed, why do they hide and what is their agenda?

So don't let the mysterious 281 CARE and 281 Exposed folks sway you without some additional research. I advise Speed Gibson and Freedom Dogs, they at least let others try to sway them/correct any comments they make.

By the way, 281 Exposed jumped on the bandwagon and only showed 1 graph. (typical...)

Vote YES on 1 & 2

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