Sunday, November 9, 2008

Funding & Anonymous Comments Accepted

Hits are still good, however comments are slow, so I am going to start allowing comments from anonymous parties. Not sure why it should make a difference to folks, however I am willing to remove any perceived barriers to open dialogue.

I apologize in advance for any inappropriate comments that are left here. I'll start blocking them again if problems arise. Hopefully folks will use proper decorum...

Interesting funding discussion though I am still unsure what the point/issue is... Possibly, people fund things that matter to them ??? Possibly, those with the most motivation, drive and money have the best chance of swaying public opinion ??? Not sure where the surprise is... Seems like USA politics to me... (originating site)


Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Interesting model you've created...makes me think of Life 2.0.

John said...

Since interest in RAS improvement brain storming seems pretty slow. (7 days & 0 ideas..)

I am going to take a sojourn into Values, Principles and Life Balance. In essence, what really matters and how do we keep this in focus... I'll email you my complete balance document.

Leslie said...

I think we're just in post-electoral recovery...picking up the pieces scattered about by the monsoon of campaign season. I read often, but time to write is fleeting. Thanks.