Monday, November 17, 2008

The Key Actions of a Person

Hopefully I have made a good case for being open minded and listening to different ideas/concepts/perspectives. Since I am going to spend a few days writing about how I created my "Principle Centered Life" diagram and how I use it on a regular basis. The experts had told me that leading a principle centered life was one of the keys to being happy. I looked at their examples and they simply did not work for me.

This is when I did some further research, self contemplation and brain storming. I decided there were 2 key things I did as a human being. The first includes things that I do "by/for" myself and the second is what I do "with/for" others.

The things I do "by/for" myself include: Learn & Think, Act & Role Model, Feel & Experience, Balance & Renew. These are key to my self awareness, continual growth, renewal, optimism and happiness. Without these my attitude could quickly slip to the dark side and take me with it.

The things I do "with/for" others include: Befriend & Love, Serve & Submit, Lead & Mentor. These are key to my remembering how truly fortunate I am to have friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc that I get to play and work with on a regular basis. These also remind me that with this opportunity comes a responsibility to behave well and give back actively to my community.

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