Tuesday, November 4, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : 281 CARE at it again

Why would anyone trust CARE 281 again? Right to Lie blog Why would any trust worthy party sue for the right to lie?

281 CARE using Robo Calls today? Breaking the law?

Minnesota 325E.27
No one can use or connect an ADAD to a telephone line unless the (1) person called has knowingly or voluntarily requested, consented to, permitted, or authorized receipt of the message (defined to mean any call regardless of its content); or (2) message is immediately preceded by a live operator who obtains the consent of the person called before the message is delivered. The prohibition does not apply to messages (1) from a school district to a student, parent, or employee; (2) from callers to people with whom they have a current business or personal relationship; or (3) advising employees of work schedules.

A civil penalty of up to $ 25,000, injunctions against future violations, and damages

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Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

CARE 281 has shown yet again that they don't want answers, or solutions, or progress, or innovation. They are "anti" to the bitter end. It's very sad.