Monday, November 24, 2008

Setting Goals & Taking Action

Well, I had documented some general ideas regarding what I "do" as a person, and had defined what I believe in via "my Principles". However, since goals without a plan are just wishes... Now what?

Next I defined some key roles for each general task. As an example, for Serve & Submit I determined that I am a citizen, employee, volunteer, member, advocate and team member.

Then I asked myself: What specific actions do I want to take in the next 6 months to live in better accordance with "my Principles". For Serve & Submit, I figured I was weakest in the area of volunteering and giving back to the community, so I chose give blood regularly, support PRISM and support the District 281 referendum. I now keep these posted in front of me at work, and am doing pretty well on following up on my commitments !!!

My biggest failure is under Feel & Experience... "Learn to Dance" Seemed like something a husband with 3 daughters should get better at... I think I'll carry it into the next 6 months.

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