Monday, January 15, 2018

American Liberals are SO Selfish

This writer has an interesting take on America's illegal residents and MP won't accept my comment. Even after 3 rewordings. Minnpost If the Trump era is about putting America first, those 200,000 Salvadorans should not only stay, they should become citizens
"But if the Trump era really is about putting America first, evidence suggests they not only should stay. They should become citizens. "
In essence the argument goes that the DACA, El Salvadorans and other illegal residents are smarter, more law abiding and harder working than many legal American citizens. And for the good of America we should convert them all to American citizens and keep them here. Now personally I have no problem doing this as long as we lock down the border first.
My questions that have not been posted are that if these 11,000,000 folks are smart, hard working, law abiding and Americanized:
  • Wouldn't their home countries benefit from getting them back?
  • Wouldn't that improve the odds of their countries changing and becoming much more successful?
  • Wouldn't that be beneficial of all the citizens of their home countries?
  • Aren't we being selfish by attracting and keeping the most daring and motivated from these countries?
  • In essence, sabotaging those more challenged countries?
This reminds of how community choice has destroyed many communities and schools in the USA. Whenever things start to get tough, the most capable, smartest and wealthiest run for the Burbs... Thus leaving a higher density of the incapable, not so smart and poor behind, and the toilet continues to flush.

Now it is too bad that Liberals seemingly want to promote destruction in those foreign countries. :-)


Anonymous said...

Well we try to be. Liberals view politics in terms of self interest. What kind of amazes us is that so many conservatives don't; that they actively pursue policies that damage them personally. This makes no sense to the liberal mind. Why are they so selfless?


John said...

I think of it more as judgment issue...

Does feed and care for the goose that is laying the golden eggs? (ie Conservatives)

Or does one kill it to get all those eggs faster? (ie Liberals)

Both are focused on themselves... :-)

Anonymous said...

It's as if they starve the goose and then give the eggs to investment bankers.


Sean said...

This whole argument is a joke, right?

John said...

Of course not, if Liberals desire to help people from other countries...

Which is a worthy cause !!!

Let's do just that by sending all these great potential citizens home where they can help reinvigorate and improve their home countries.

Instead the writer made the case that America needs them and should keep them.

Sean said...

Yep, this argument is a joke.

John said...

It is likely not much of a joke to the people of Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador, etc.

Just as it is not much of a joke to the folks of inner city poor communities like North Minneapolis.

When the best, brightest, hardest working, law abiding, etc are enabled to desert their communities and countries en masse... Big problems grow for those left behind.

Now I am fine with the argument that these folks are good for America on the whole.

Why Liberals fight accepting the negative specific consequences is beyond me...

- Taking best and brightest from foreign countries harms those countries.

- Taking them here harms America's unsuccessful citizens.

Maybe we should do a swap... We can take their best and send them our "unsuccessfuls"?

I am sure that would be an excellent learning experience for many of our unsuccessfuls... :-)

Sean said...

Your commitment to the bit is impressive.

John said...

Thank you !!!