Saturday, June 16, 2018

FBI Inspector General Report

Apparently Trump read a different IG report than the rest of us.  He apparently thinks this report had something to do with him, which it did not...

I am happy the report concluded that:

  • The FBI behaved in an admirable and non-biased manner
  • Comey did push back against the politically motivated Attorney General (ie was insubordinate)
  • A couple of FBI employees were anti-Trump (go figure..)
All of which we already understood.  No surprises here...

Now here is a piece from someone who disagrees.  Of course, my thought was that if FBI folks were out to prevent Trump from getting the Presidency, they did a really bad job.  I mean not one leak about Trump's campaign members meeting with Russian agents made the news before the election.

It may make for a good "spy / conspiracy theory" movie some day... :-)


Anonymous said...

All this is weird to me, even Orwellian to me. For one thing, Trump equates bias with having an opinion. I really don't think there is anyone in the FBI who doesn't think Trump is a crook. There aren't very many lawyers who don't think that either. Trump, by trying to establish a bar that only people who don't think he is a criminal should be allowed to investigate him is establishing an absurdly impossible bar to overcome in this context. Strzok and customer are really under attack for actually saying what just about everyone in the FBI thinks.


John said...