Thursday, February 1, 2018

Can DNC Get Over Itself?

From MinnPost Can the DNC get over itself?

"Regulations come with good and bad consequences. (ie cost vs benefits) These need to be evaluated. More regs is not always good.  As for the deficits, I was against the tax cuts especially for individuals. However now that they have been made I hope they start cutting spending and making government more effective, efficient and accountable. Though my faith that this will happen is low. Too many people who want the money from us tax payers." G2A
"Regulations are almost always a response too something, we are not a very proactive country. Point: No home land security until after 9/11. Cost benefit meaning what, that is a tag line to nowhere, less regs. is not always good either, we just accomplished nothing. There are tons of C:B analysis on climate change, but as folks have been posting forever (Big corporations like to socialize costs and privatize profits) and if they can buy the votes, as they have done we get deregulation, (socializing costs and privatizing profits), there are many examples we can go after in another time. 
Cutting spending, I agree faith is low to none existent. The real answer may be some of both, but we have just seen how interested the "R's" are in raising revenue, especially from the wealthiest of the wealthiest. 
So to Sam's point, can the DNC find a perspective that resonates with folks about, (Socialized costs and privatized profits?) Without aliening folks on the (steal all my money) redistribution of wealth propaganda? ." Dennis W. 
"The DNC also lives for socializing cost and privatizing profits. 
What is the answer when individuals choose to squander the hundreds of thousands of dollars we tax payers spend on their education? Or when individuals choose to have more children than they can afford? Or when individuals choose to become addicted to smoking, gambling, alcohol, drugs, etc? Or when individuals choose to not be highly motivated towards improving themselves and attaining better paying jobs? Or when individuals choose to violate our borders or over stay their Visa? 
From my perspective the DNC's typical answer is to raise taxes so that money can be collected from those who chose differently... 
And distributed among the above mentioned individuals in the form of free healthcare, food, housing, etc. 
Now companies sometimes do screw up, however we don't hesitate to sue them, charge them, regulate them, demand they change, etc. However who here is willing to do that to the individuals above who screwed up themselves, and often their children?" G2A


John said...

I am also commenting on this one. It pretty explains that many DEMs can not get over themselves.

Minnpost Why does GOP behave as it does?

Anonymous said...

The "Democratic National Committee"? It doesn't matter much anymore. The money which does matter much. The money is routed elsewhere. It's much the same with the Republicans, That might be a bad thing, but it isn't going to change.


Anonymous said...

Getting over ourselves, along with not getting it, and not getting past it, are charges that I admit, I don't have very good responses to it. And of course the worst charge, one that always leaves me at a complete and definitive loss is "So's your old man". It has been known to reduce me to tears.


jerrye92002 said...

I have been an activist long enough to understand, much to my dismay, that political parties are not about doing what is right for the city/state/country. It is purely and simply about gaining and holding political power. Sure, there are individual politicians who say what they mean and mean what they say, but rarely do they succeed on the positives. Others of course lie like a rug constantly, accomplish nothing or even fight positive change, and seem to pay no price. It will be interesting to see if being a unanimously partisan Democrat and voting against the tax cuts will cost them anything in November.