Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dueling Memos

Well the DEM version was finally released, which confirms the obvious.  
  • There were many reasons why the Justice Dept and Feds were watching these bad guys who were in communication with our long term national enemy. (ie Russia)
  • During the initial surveillance they found enough additional detail to obtain renewals of the warrants.
FOX News Memo
CNN Compares the Memos
CNN Trump Keeps Fighting

And yet Trump chooses to continue to ignore the fact that good intelligence was found during the surveillance. And he continues to work hard to blame everyone except the Russians. It is like blaming a police officer who checks into a home with a broken down door, and giving the burglar who broke the door and robbed the house a pardon.
"The Democrat memo response on government surveillance abuses is a total political and legal BUST. Just confirms all of the terrible things that were done. SO ILLEGAL!" Trump
Schiff summarized the situation very well.
"Wrong again, Mr. President. It confirms the FBI acted appropriately and that Russian agents approached two of your advisors, and informed your campaign that Russia was prepared to help you by disseminating stolen Clinton emails. " Schiff
And yet the Trump True Believers seem happy to look at the "shiny object" Trump is holding up in his right hand, instead of focusing on the fact that Trump's personnel were in contact with a our "arch enemy"...


Anonymous said...

How much does the Russian thing really matter to Trump supporters? For one thing, they have basic isolationist tendencies. They don't care much about what happens in faraway lands about which they know if not nothing, they know very little. To quote Nancy Mitford, "Abroad is bloody". Isn't it logical to think that in a corrupt world, only the corrupt can succeed? As a friend powerfully argued, we elect presidents, not pastors.


Anonymous said...

It's important to remember that Trump supporters believe with every fiber of their being that building walls around problem is a form of solution.


John said...

Oh come now Hiram, most of those supporters used to be very anti-USSR...

I can only think that they simply are no longer scared of Russia, even though Russia still has all those weapons pointed at us and are sure finding new ways to attack us via the internet.

John said...

The VOX perspective