Saturday, February 17, 2018

MinnPost Moderation

Time for my usual venting about MinnPost ModerationRB and BW replied to a comment of mine and I am simply not being allowed to post the following seemingly simple response.  You will have to go there to see BW's comment, however it was similar to RB's.
"For example, just think of the controversial things that have been said about rural voters when it comes to the Illegal Immigration, LGBT Rights, Mining / Farming Regulations, Abortion Rights, etc. Just to name a few." 
Why is it controversial to disagree on social issues? Should we just keep quiet about anti-Muslim fora on communities? Is it wrong to call out those who oppose illegal immigration while relying on that immigration for a cheap workforce. 
In any event, I thought voters chose Republicans because of economics and that the demagoguery on social issues was not all that important. This is the line that is used to try to convince suburban and even urban voters to go Republican--it's not about the gay bashing or the Muslim hating, it's about free markets! On the other hand, we've heard that the rural parts of the state abandoned the DFL because issues like LGBT rights and abortion have been "forced down their throats." Which is it going to be?" RB 
"To disagree regarding issues is fine, however just think how often Liberals here have referred to people that they disagree with as bigots, xenophobes, misogynists, racists, ignorant, hypocrites, polluters, irredeemable deplorables, etc. Now she made the claim that the educated urban Liberals she knows do not do put down the folks in the Conservative tribe, unfortunately it seems that many do though. 
And yes Conservatives do vote for more personal responsibility, lower taxes, less government mandated wealth transfer, more religious freedom, etc. However they also vote against people and candidates who insult and threaten then. They are just normal people after all." G2A
 Now can you see anything in the green text that seems to violate MP's guidance?  I even removed all links, names
MinnPost welcomes user comments on our stories and posts. MinnPost's mission is to engage the public in news analysis of issues in their community and to encourage interaction with our editors, writers and other posters. We intend for this area to be used by our readers as a place for civil, thought-provoking and high-quality public discussion. In order to achieve this, MinnPost requires that all commenters register and post comments with their actual names and place of residence. MinnPost reserves the right to remove postings that include the use of foul language, personal attacks or the use of language that may be libelous or interpreted as inciting hate or sexual harassment; however we are under no obligation to do so. User comments may be reviewed by moderators and may be included or excluded at our discretion.
Now they do allow both Liberal and Conservative views at times, so I am still happy to continue supporting them financially, however it is vexing to have to cross post everything over here because it may disappear over there...  I keep hoping to find a method to their madness.  😀


Laurie said...

maybe your comments don't get posted because of your annoying know it all tone and the repetitive broken record quality of your views. I think one or more moderators really has a personal dislike for your comments as they really don't violate any rational standard.

John said...

Oh come now... Most of the commenters at MinnPost have that same "annoying know it all tone and repetitive broken record quality of view."

And some of them write multiple paragraphs of that opinion with each comment... Maybe I have to raise my donation back to a gold membership to get them to treat me nicer... :-)

Or maybe I just need to comment more in line with the "Far Left book writers". :-)

Thanks for confirming that the comment in itself seems "appropriate".

Anonymous said...

To begin with voters chose Hillary and I am sure economics was a big part of it. In literal terms, I don’t think economics motivated Trump voters so much as a rejection o economics did.


John said...

Happy to hear from you. Whenever the regulars don't comment for awhile I worry for their health. We are all getting older... :-)

More on topic, what percent of your comments disappear over at MP?

Is my 66% "poof" rate just normal for that site?

I think they have volunteer moderators, so I am wondering if that leads to variation...

I am SO THANKFUL that commenters here are so professional !!!! I have to delete spam every so often, but have had to only moderate like one comment in almost 10 years.