Monday, October 1, 2018


CNN US and Canada reach deal on NAFTA after talks go down to the wire

FOX Canada, US confirm new deal with Mexico updating NAFTA

VOX The US, Canada, and Mexico have a new NAFTA deal. It’s called USMCA.The US and Canada struck a last-minute deal to update the trilateral trade agreement.

I am sure Trump will brag about the huge gains after a year of expensive painful negotiations, however others seem less certain. On the other hand he did get the name changed. Though I thought FOX calling an updated NAFTA was humorous. :-)


Sean said...

"Though I thought FOX calling an updated NAFTA was humorous. :-)"

That is in fact an accurate description, because the NAFTA termination clause was never invoked.

John said...

I like NAFTA...

It is much easier to say than USMCA... :-)

Anonymous said...

NAFTA is a good name in that it is well recognized and easily pronounceable. That probably helps explain why the agreement was called that to begin with. How does one pronounce USMCA?

My understanding is that the original agreement has been tweaked a bit, something not unreasonable to do after a couple of decade. But the USMCA is subject to the same criticism every other agreement in the history of mankind is subject to, that we gave up too much and got too little. There is nothing Trump can do about that.


John said...

How about we at least move the letters around...


John said...

Automakers Gain Clarity

Now what to do to motivate American consumers to buy fewer from Japan, Germany, Soth Korea, etc

And maybe China

Anonymous said...

Trump says NAFTA hurts American workers so one might assume that a treaty he renegotiates would improve working conditions. But not much is happening. More parts must be made in America, but that will increase overall costs which might mean fewer parts will be sold. The dairy thing has been reworked, something Trump obsessed about. Copyrights have been extended which both helps and hurts writers. All very minimal, all very inconclusive. If this was the worst trade deal in the history of humanity, nothing very much has been changed.


John said...

Pulling more parts into North America and setting wage targets should be beneficial for NA Workers... That is if our consumers do want to support them.

If the US Consumers are insistent on pinching pennies and buying from workers outside America, maybe tariffs are needed.

I am not sure how else to convince American Consumers to Buy American when the cost differential is manageable. Or at a minimum to include it in their buying criteria.